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Balanced flue gas fires fitted with Mertik GV60 gas control system:

1. Acoustic Warning Signals:

  • One long beep
    • Kill switch OFF (0): Flip Kill switch to (I).
    • Wiring not complete: Check wiring thermocouple circuit.
    • 8 wire cable defective: Check/replace 8 wire cable.
    • Micro switch defective: Change gas valve.
    • Sync not OK: Perform new sync remote<>receiver.
  • Three short beeps: Replace batteries or mains power supply.

2. No Reaction from Remote/Receiver:

  • Power supply/batteries: Check power supply.
  • No sync between remote and receiver: Perform Sync procedure.
  • Distance between remote and receiver: Re-position receiver.
  • Damaged receiver: Replace receiver.
  • Damaged remote control: Replace remote control.

3. No Pilot Gas (no clunking sound):

  1. Check wiring and interrupter in pilot circuit.
  2. Check/replace 8 wire cable remote<>gas valve.
  3. Check ground wire under torx during 1 spark stop.
  4. Replace receiver.
  5. Replace gas valve.

4. No/Bad Spark:

  • Disconnected spark wire: Check spark cable connections.
  • Short between cable and metal: Check if cable is free from metal parts.
  • Bad spark plug: Check spark plug for fractures and replace.
  • Distance between spark plug and pilot head: Ensure distance is approximately 4mm.

5. Pilot Flame Hard to Ignite:

  • Issues with mains gas supply pressure: Adjust main gas supply pressure or pilot flame pressure.
  • Air inside pilot tube: Purge complete gas lines.
  • Blocked injector: Clean or replace pilot injector.
  • Issues with pilot flame gas tube: Check and purge.
  • Damaged pilot flame head: Check/replace if necessary.

6. Pilot Drops After Ignition:

  • Issues with pilot flame not heating thermocouple tip:
    • Check gas supply pressures.
    • Check pilot flame injector and pilot gas tube.
    • Purge pilot lines if air is inside.
    • Check premix openings.
    • Verify wiring connections.
    • Measure circuit voltage (should be a minimum of 4.5 mV).
    • Check thermocouple.
    • Replace gas valve if DC magnet unit is bad.

7. Pilot Drops in a Closed Fire:

  • False air issues: Check for gasket/leakage and ensure pressure hatch is fully closed.
  • Main flame interference: Check restrictor/baffle status as per the installation manual.

8. Pilot/Main Flame Drops:

  • Check main gas supply lines and pressure.
  • Check power supplies.
  • Verify fire/flue system specifications.
  • Ensure flue connections are secure.

9. No Main Burner Start-Up:

  • Gas valve setting: Ensure the big knob on the gas valve is set to ON.

10. Delayed Ignition of Main Burner:

  • Obstructions: Check the log/stone positions.
  • Check and adjust flame pressures.
  • Clean main burner portholes.
  • Verify log positions against the manual.

11. Low Main Flame:

  • Gas supply issues: Check and correct mains gas supply pressure.
  • Check and adjust burner pressure.

12. Main Flame has No Adjustability:

  • Adjustment issue: Check low set adjustment and correct as per manual.

13. DB Double Burner Not Working:

  • Bad step valve: Listen for a clicking sound, push the ++ button on the remote several times, and replace step valve if needed.

14. Sooting Fire:

  • Transport and setup issues: Verify all specs and positions against installation manual.
  • Pressure issues: Adjust mains gas supply.
  • Check and clean blocked burner portholes.
  • Verify and correct main burner and decorative item setups.

For any issue not covered, please refer to the detailed manual or contact the manufacturer’s support team.